What is ENERGY STAR for commercial buildings? How does a building qualify? What does it cost?


ENERGY STAR is a national symbol of energy efficiency created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy intended to protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Since 1999, ENERGY STAR® has labeled existing commercial buildings in the top 25% of energy performance. Because ENERGY STAR® is a government program, it is FREE other than the required professional engineering verification.


ENERGY STAR® is the most recognized national symbol for energy efficiency. If you would like to set your building apart from others and demonstrate your commitment to the environment, ENERGY STAR® labeling is a great and low ­cost option. Many commercial building tenants want the prestige of being in an ENERGY STAR® labeled building. Being labeled helps attract and retain tenants. Many communities demand their schools and government buildings lead the way and achieve ENERGY STAR® labeling. Want more great reasons to go ENERGY STAR?

  • It’s Easy!
  • You may not need to make any changes to your building in order to get labeled.
  • Your local jurisdiction may have an incentive program.
  • You can benchmark your building’s performance and compare it to a peer group of similar buildings.
  • Become a community leader by demonstrating your commitment to the environment.


To get started, you must enter 11 months of energy consumption data into ENERGY STAR’s “Portfolio Manager”. You’ll also need to enter in detailed information about your building such as gross square footage and hours of operation. The Portfolio Manager will then compare your building to the energy performance of similar buildings and provide you with an ENERGY STAR® score. Scoring a 75 out of 100 (or above) qualifies you for ENERGY STAR® labeling. This indicates that your building is in the top 25% for energy performance. If you don’t quite reach a score of 75, Indoor Sciences can help you identify energy saving measures to raise your score.


Although the ENERGY STAR® program is free, it does require field verification by a professional engineer. That’s where Indoor Sciences can help. We will verify that all energy use and building characteristics are accurately accounted for and reported. Indoor Sciences will also take measurements throughout the property to confirm compliance with indoor environmental standards. Measurements include ventilation, thermal comfort and lighting to ensure that energy performance was not achieved by compromising the indoor environment. Indoor Sciences will sign and provide a professional engineer stamp for your application as required.


After all the paperwork is submitted and approved, you’ll be mailed a plaque to display in your building marked with the current year.  You can choose to reapply each year so you can display a long row of plaques stretching to the current year.


What does it cost?  Send us an email with the property location and square footage by visiting the Contact Us page.  We’ll email you a proposal within 1 business day.


Why Indoor Sciences?  We have been trusted by the State Department, high-profile government buildings, universities and office buildings of all sizes.  Ian Cull, P.E. is a nationally recognized expert and trusted industry professional.