Are there technical inaccuracies in your reports?  Are you sure? A wrong conclusion or an ill-advised recommendation may cost you more than your reputation.  Hire Ian Cull to review your reports and provide valuable feedback.


Most large consulting firms will have an in-house expert that reviews reports before they are sent to clients.  Most smaller firms cannot afford to have such an expert on staff.  Does that  mean that smaller consulting firms have to submit reports without an expert report review?  Hire Ian Cull to fill that need.


Indoor Sciences promises to keep all your information confidential.  Mr. Cull is an educator at heart and desires to build your capacity as an indoor air quality consultant.  He provides constructive feedback that is encouraging rather than condescending.


What does it cost?

Our pricing is based on the length and complexity of your reports.  Reviews may range from 15 minutes to 2+ hours.  The cost of the service is a function of the time required for the review, based on a billable rate of  $250/hour.

To get started, call our offices at (312) 920-9393.