Would you like to train your employees on a topic related to indoor air quality?  Hire Ian Cull to speak to your group on a subject matter of interest to you.  Here are examples of private classes that Ian Cull has recently taught:

  • “How to interpret mold samples” to an environmental engineering firm
  • “Introduction to indoor air quality” to an agency of the federal government
  • “Introduction to mold” to a county health department
  • Indoor air quality certification prep class to a consulting company
  • “Moisture and Building Science” to a local chapter of the Indoor Air Quality Association

Our private classes can be customized to cover very specific topics that match your needs.



The cost of our private classes are a function of the number of students, length of training, amount of customization and distance from our office in downtown Chicago.  Ian Cull has taught classes around the world and he is ready to put together an excellent training program for you.  To get started, call our office at (312) 920-9393.