Certified Industrial Hygienist

Prep Course

What is the CIH certification? 

The Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) certification is the premier certification for occupational health and safety professionals around the world. It is also considered the top certification for indoor air quality consultants. This most prestigious certification is offered by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) and is accredited through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

One reason the CIH certification is extremely sought after is the difficulty in obtaining it. Few candidates qualify and the exam is very challenging. However, those professionals that push through with obtaining the CIH will have many opportunities opened to them.

What are the CIH prerequisites?

Qualifying to take the CIH exam can be harder than actually passing it!  There is a 32-page Candidate Handbook that outlines all of the requirements.  Below we provide a quick summary of the requirements to become a Certified Industrial Hygienist:

  • 4-year Bachelor’s degree with special STEM requirements
  • At least 12 Academic Semester Credits of Industrial Hygiene coursework from a college or university, or 240 contact hours from a continuing-education provider
  • At least 2 contact hours of ethics training
  • At least 4 years of professional level comprehensive industrial hygiene practice
  • Two letters of recommendation to detail your professional experience, one of which must come from a current Certified Industrial Hygienist

If you are looking for extra contact hours or to prepare for the exam, you should consider our CIH Crash Course.

If you have questions about your experience meeting the requirements, we suggest you contact the ABIH at (517) 321-2638.

What is the exam like? 

The CIH exam is offered through Prometric testing centers found around the world.

The following are important details related to the CIH examination:

  • All multiple choice questions with four possible answers
  • 180 questions (150 scored questions with 30 experimental questions)
  • Duration: 5 hours with a 30-minute optional break in the middle
  • Closed-book exam
  • There are two exam windows each year: Spring (April -May) and Fall (October -November)

How do I prepare for the CIH exam? 

“There has to be a better way”.  These were Ian Cull’s thoughts after taking the CIH exam.  The available study materials failed to match the breadth and depth of the actual exam.  He then embarked on the arduous task of building a course from the ground up to be the ultimate guide to passing the exam, named the CIH Crash Course.  As the name implies, it is designed for professionals with limited time to study. It focuses students on the most important topics and keeps students away from unimportant details. Although the course was developed by Indoor Sciences, it is exclusively available through the American Industrial Hygiene Association. For more information on this course, click the button below.


CIH Crash Course