What is the most prestigious certification for mold remediators? What designation demonstrates the highest level of expertise?  The answer is the Council- certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS).  The CMRS is an accredited certification offered by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC).


Sure, there are other certifications by other organizations, but the CMRS is the designation for which all mold remediation contractors should aim.


Indoor Sciences is an approved training provider of the Indoor Air Quality Association. Our course that prepares you for the CMR is officially titled, “IAQA Microbial Remediation Supervisor Course.”

CMRS Prerequisites

According to the ACAC, candidates for the CMRS certification must possess one of the following combinations of education and relevant field experience:


  • No degree with at least 8 years of documented experience in microbial remediation. (high school diploma or GED required.)
  • A 2-year post-secondary degree or its equivalent (15 credit hours) in microbiology, engineering, science, architecture, industrial hygiene or related field of science with at least six (6) years of documented experience in microbial remediation.
  • A 4-year post-secondary degree or its equivalent (30 credit hours) in microbiology, engineering, science, architecture, industrial hygiene or related field of science with a minimum of four (4) year of documented field experience in microbial remediation.


CMRS Course

If you have five years of experience, you probably don’t need a class that covers the fundamentals of mold remediation.  If you’re like most, you are just looking for a little assistance to get you ready for the CMRS.


If you fit that description, our CMRS course is perfect for you.  The course’s official name is the “IAQA Mold Remediation Supervisor Course” and it is offered as both an Onsite & Home Study course.


The Onsite course is a 2-day class that has two goals in mind: 1) prepare students for the CMRS exam and 2) cover the latest standards and practices in mold remediation.  During the class, we’ll put over 100 questions up on the screen and have discussions regarding all the possible choices.  We also spend time going through the course manual so you understand the fundamentals of mold remediation and are prepared for the CMRS exam.  We foster an interactive classroom where we will discuss important topics such as post-remediation verification, the possible involvement of asbestos & lead in projects, and the use of antimicrobial chemicals.


Upcoming Dates and Locations:

  • (Available as a Home Study Course- see below)



The Home Study course is a great option for someone with a busy schedule who is unable to peal away from work for 2 days.   The course involves reading through the manual, and going through our detailed online practice examination.  The class includes a 30-minute one-on-one phone consultation with instructor Ian Cull to answer any questions. After reading the manual and taking the practice exam, call Indoor Sciences at (312) 920-9393 to schedule your phone consultation.


Both the Onsite and Home Study courses include access to our practice exam, which is a great way to experience the breadth and depth of topics covered on the CMRS exam. Our CMRS practice exam has over 100 questions similar to ones you might find on the ACAC’s Certified Microbial Remediator examination. Because the CMRS is an accredited certification, Indoor Sciences does not have a copy of the ACAC’s examination. Although our questions are not identical to those found on the CMRS exam, they are based on the very same concepts. We are always refining our practice exam to ensure it reflects the topics currently covered on the ACAC examination.


Indoor Sciences has a successful history of preparing students for the CMRS.  In fact, we guarantee your success, or your money back!


A comprehensive list of topics covered in the course can be found here: CMR/CMRS Topics.



Onsite Course: The cost of the Onsite course is $795.  IAQA members receive a $100 discount.  To register for our on-site courses, call our office at 312-920-9393 or visit this page: CMRS On-site Registration.


Upcoming Dates: January 29-30, 2015 Chicago, IL


Home Study Course: The cost of our CMRS Home Study Course is $495, which includes a 30-minute 1-on-1 phone consultation with instructor, Ian Cull.  IAQA members receive a $70 discount.  To register, click CMRS Home Study Course.  After registering, you will immediately receive an email with a password to access the practice exam.  You can take the practice exam an unlimited number of times within your access period, which is 90 days.  We will email you the course manual within 1 day.


Exam Details

Once you’re ready to take the ACAC’s CMR examination, you’ll need to fill out an application on ACAC’s website.  Once they notify you that you can proceed, you will work with the ACAC to schedule the exam at a nearby testing center.  You can find a proctored testing location by clicking this link: Testing Locations


To learn more about the CMRS examination, we recommend you contact the ACAC.  However, here are some key details regarding the exam:

  • To pass, you must score a 75% or above
  • All questions are multiple choice
  • 120 total questions
  • You are not penalized for a wrong answer
  • You have 3 hours to complete the exam
  • The CMRS is a closed-book exam


If you have any questions, call our office at (312) 920-9393.


It is your responsibility to notify us in writing if you would like us to report your continuing education directly to a state licensing agency (e.g. FL Dept. of Professional Regulation) or professional organization.