Are you trying to determine which certification is best for you?  The American Council for Accredited Certification has so many different certifications, it can be difficult to select the right one.


Your Interest

A good place to start is your experience and interest.  Do you have experience or interest in any of the following five categories?


  • Indoor air quality consulting– professionals that diagnose indoor environmental problems stemming from mold, VOCs, carbon monoxide, poor ventilation, triggers to allergies and more
  • Mold inspection– professionals that visually inspect for mold and possibly collect samples to corroborate their findings
  • Mold remediation– contractors that specialize in the removal and clean up of mold and/or bacteria
  • IAQ management– facility managers, health and safety professionals or others that manage air quality in a single building or campus.
  • Industrial hygiene– occupational health and safety professionals, industrial hygienists, advanced IAQ consultants


Level of Experience

Once you identify a category of interest, you’ll need to assess your experience in that area.        Which of the following best describes your experience in the category that interests you?


  • Novice– You have less than a year or two of experience
  • Beginner– You have at least 2 years of experience (or 1 year of experience with an advanced education related to the topic)
  • Proficient– You have at least 8 years of experience (or 4 years of experience with an advanced education related to the topic)


The Matrix

Based on your responses to the above items, use the table below to select the certification that is best for you.


Your InterestLevel of ExperienceRecommended Certification
IAQ ConsultingNoviceCRIE
IAQ ConsultingBeginnerCIE
IAQ ConsultingProficientCIEC
Mold InspectionNoviceCSMI
Mold InspectionBeginnerCMI
Mold InspectionProficientCMC
Mold RemediationNoviceCRMR
Mold RemediationBeginnerCMR
Mold RemediationProficientCMRS
IAQ ManagementBeginner or ProficientCIAQM
Industrial HygieneProficientCIH